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SPA INTEX inflatable PureSpa CHEVRON

28446EX spa chevron 4 places

In 2023, INTEX is expanding its collection of inflatable PureSpa hot tubs and introducing the PureSpa CHEVRON, a model that combines elegance and functionality.

This spa is available in two sizes, a version for 4 people and a larger version for 6 people.

The PureSpa CHEVRON is an innovative product in INTEX’s range of inflatable hot tubs. It stands out for its sleek design and practicality.

SPA INTEX inflatable PureSpa CALACATTA

28464EX spa calacatta 4 places

The INTEX PureSpa CALACATTA stands out from the other models in the range thanks to its unique design and exceptional features.

This spa can accommodate up to 4 people and has a trendy and chic appearance, with an innovative marbled pattern.

The design and color of the spa are truly innovative, which clearly sets it apart from other models in the range and those offered by competitors. INTEX dared to innovate by offering a truly different product.

SPA INTEX inflatable PureSpa SAHARA

28426EX spa sahara 4 places

The INTEX PureSpa SAHARA inflatable spa is designed to offer a relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable experience. This model can accommodate up to 4 people, and a version for 6 or 8 people is also available.

The sand beige color of the PureSpa reminds of the vastness and beauty of the Sahara desert landscapes. Its modern and sleek design will fit perfectly in any environment, whether in summer or winter.

The PureSpa SAHARA is equipped with 120 bubble jets that offer an incredible feeling of relaxation. Its integrated digital control panel allows for easy and convenient use of this inflatable spa.


28476EX spa sahara energie 4 places

The INTEX PureSpa SAHARA ENERGIE model is a combination of the INTEX PureSpa SAHARA bubble spa and its thermal cover.

The design of this spa is meant to offer an ultimate relaxation experience for 4 people, based on the SAHARA model.

Its FiberTech structure guarantees amazing rigidity and solidity, allowing users to sit on its edges without fearing deformation, just like a rigid spa.

SPA INTEX inflatable PureSpa BLUE NAVY

28430EX spa blue navy 4 places

The INTEX PureSpa BLUE NAVY spa has an elegant and sober design, making it a must-have for relaxation all year round.

The PureSpa model is designed to accommodate up to 4 people. A 6-person version is also available.

The spa is equipped with FiberTech technology, ensuring exceptional rigidity and allowing users to sit on the edges without the risk of deformation.

SPA INTEX inflatable PureSpa GREYWOOD

28440EX spa baltik 4 places

The Intex PureSpa GREYWOOD 4-person inflatable spa stands out for its elegant wood-like design, making it a major asset for your exterior or interior.

Designed to accommodate up to 4 people, this spa has a remarkable design and a 6-person version is also available.

It brings a modern and luxurious touch to your home and environment.

SPA INTEX inflatable PureSpa GREYSTONE

28450EX spa ardoise 4 places

The Intex PureSpa GREYSTONE 4-person inflatable spa has a square shape and an elegant design with a grey stone effect that gives it the look of a rigid spa.

It can accommodate up to 4 people but a 6-person version is also available.

This inflatable spa adds a trendy and elegant touch to your garden.

SPA INTEX inflatable PureSpa CARBONE

28458EX spa carbone 4 places

The Intex PureSpa CARBONE 4-person inflatable spa stands out for its sleek design and octagonal shape, which give it a luxurious look.

This high-end model is designed to accommodate up to 4 people and a 6-person version is also available.

With its solid structure and FiberTech technology, this inflatable spa comes closest to traditional rigid spas in terms of quality and rigidity.

SPA INTEX PureSpa: Characteristics of the PureSpa range

Inflatable bubble spa for a good start

INTEX offers spas in various shapes. These spas are classic and effective. Spas that inflate are now on everyone’s mind. Opting for an inflatable spa is making a serious and non-risky choice. This spa will easily fit into your home or garden. It then remains to choose the color and adapt it to your living environment in an adequate manner. The major advantage of an inflatable spa lies mainly in the amount of the initial investment. Nothing like starting with an inflatable spa to test the use and maintenance of this equipment. At a low price, you will be able to realize the advantages and disadvantages of using a spa. If you’re hooked on hot tub practice, there’s nothing stopping you from taking it to the next level later with an investment in a hardside hot tub worth several thousand dollars.

Round, square or octagonal spa

The PureSpa range from Intex offers different models of spas to meet your expectations. If you are looking for an entry-level model, you can opt for the round INTEX inflatable spa. The INTEX Baltik spas, with their wood color, as well as the latest Chevron and Calacatta models will suit lovers of more contemporary design. For an even more pleasant experience, the sand model of the Sahara bubble spa is also available.

In addition to the round models, INTEX also offers square hot tubs available in several colors. The Slate and Carbon models offer square or octagonal shapes ideal for enjoying your summer or winter evenings in a prolonged and lively way.

Salt Treatment

INTEX has incorporated a salt treatment system into its spas to simplify maintenance and avoid the use of chemicals. The salt sterilizer associated with INTEX filtration systems eliminates bacteria and algae, while respecting your health.

Using and adjusting this system is simple and convenient. It is even possible to control your INTEX spa remotely thanks to the dedicated INTEX Link-Spa Management application. You can set the filtration and heating mode of your spa from anywhere and at any time, day or night.

4 seater spa or 6 seater spa

If you are looking for an INTEX inflatable spa for the first time, a 4-seater model can be an affordable option and ideal for family use. For couples, a 4-seater hot tub is also recommended. For more family use, 6 seater hot tubs are increasingly popular and offer enough space for the whole family. The 6-seater PureSpa hot tubs are particularly spacious and are also suitable for evenings with friends.

INTEX spas are recognized for their reliability and quality of Fibertech construction. In addition, the heating and filtration systems are efficient. If you choose an INTEX spa, you are sure to make a serene and risk-free choice.

The PureSpa range offers a wide variety of models: 4-seater spas, 6-seater spas, bubble spas, jet spas, round spas, square spas or even octagonal spas. So there is something for all tastes and all needs.

Why choose a hot tub?

During the summer, when the heat weighs down, it is only natural to try to swim. It’s nice and refreshing. In addition to this advantage, the SPA will provide you with all the benefits of balneotherapy. With the arrival of global warming, the situation is likely to change. Swimming pools are increasingly seen as energy sinkholes. The quantities of water which require are less and less compatible with the natural capacities. In some countries, legislation is likely to regulate their distribution and use. The spa then arrives as an ideal solution to replace the swimming pool. The quantities of water are less important. Daily electricity consumption is lower if you manage your device intelligently.

Advantages of a hot tub:

The benefits of the spa are numerous. The price first of all, which does not suffer from any comparison between the investment in a pneumatic spa, a rigid spa or a swimming pool. The footprint of the spa is reduced. Again, no comparison possible with the space required by a swimming pool, for example. Maintenance is also a key factor. No need to explain to you the difference between treating and maintaining the capacity of a spa compared to that of a swimming pool of several m3 of water. The use is often forgotten. Nothing prevents you from using your spa in winter, spring or fall. This is absolutely not the case with a swimming pool. Would you like to swim in winter?

Pleasure and conviviality of the spa:

Thanks to an inflatable spa, it is now possible to enjoy balneotherapy at home. You can enjoy water at a relaxing temperature, thousands of air bubbles and adjustable jets that will massage your body. Immersed in your spa with water heated to a relaxation temperature, you will benefit from a complete massage and relax in the comfort of your garden or terrace.

The spa offers you a complete massage that will bring you relaxation and well-being. You can even share this pleasure with your friends, family and children, spending wonderful moments of relaxation and conviviality in your spa.

Spa adaptability

The inflatable spa is a very practical piece of equipment due to its great geographical adaptability. Indeed, it can be installed in your garden as well as on your terrace or in your veranda. This type of hot tub is easy to move around and can be used in different areas of your home or garden. This is impossible with a rigid pool or spa which can weigh several hundred kilograms. However, it is important that the floor is level to ensure a secure installation. In just a few minutes, you can inflate your spa and set it up easily.

The inflatable spa is also practical for all seasons, as its temperature can be adjusted according to your preferences. In addition, with its insulating inflatable cover, you can keep the water temperature at a high level even in winter. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of this balneotherapy at home at any time of the year. Unlike a swimming pool, the inflatable spa is inexpensive and offers you an unparalleled relaxation experience, even in freezing weather and under starry skies.

To conclude

To conclude, the inflatable spa therefore offers you a very long list of advantages. It is easy to install, maintain and store. Its mobility indoors or outdoors is unparalleled. Its balneotherapy and body care service, not to mention the memorable moments of sharing that you will experience around your spa, make it a must. So it’s high time to take care of yourself and treat yourself every day of the year.

The different types of inflatable INTEX spas

The inflatable bubble spa has bubble diffusers located in the bottom of the spa. When you press the corresponding function on the control panel, hot air is sent through the diffusers to generate bubbles that rise to the surface and gently massage your body.

As for the inflatable jet spa, it is equipped with nozzles that propel hot filtered water from the filtration system. You can adjust the intensity and direction of the jet to target a specific part of your body for a hydrodynamic and invigorating massage.

Some inflatable spas combine the two technologies to allow you to choose between alternating bubble or jet massages. It is important to note that the two technologies cannot operate simultaneously.

How an INTEX inflatable spa works

Inflatable hot tubs are made of PVC and are very durable. Once inflated, they are as rigid as a masonry or rigid spa, allowing you to sit on the edge without the risk of deforming the structure.

The spa’s motor unit must be connected to the electrical network using an electrical cable plugged into a household socket for its powering and operation. Connecting hoses then connect the motor unit to the spa’s inflatable structure.

The engine block includes a filtration system, a water heating system, a bubble air diffuser system and massaging jets, as well as a control panel. The latter allows you to adjust the water temperature, activate the filtration, the bubbles or the massage jets. Inflatable spas therefore offer the same functions as a masonry spa, the only difference being that their structure is inflatable.

Wintering tips for an INTEX PureSpa inflatable hot tub

When winterizing your spa, it is strongly recommended to drain, clean and dry all components thoroughly. After that, deflate it and store it away, because inflatable hot tubs are generally not suitable for freezing temperatures and winter weather. If you fold it up properly, you won’t need too much storage space. If you take good care of it by ensuring its regular maintenance, you will be able to enjoy your spa for many years without any problem.

Installation of an INTEX inflatable PureSpa spa

Installing an inflatable spa is a task accessible to everyone. It is important to follow the instructions provided with your equipment.

The key steps to installing your spa are as follows:

  • Unpack the box
  • Install spa and motor unit
  • Connecting a power source to the engine block
  • Inflate the spa
  • Connect the hoses between the engine block and the spa
  • Setting up the flter
  • Filling and watering the spa

Follow the installation steps

By following these steps in order, you will be able to easily install your inflatable hot tub.

Above all, do not cut the packaging containing the inflatable structure. It is recommended that you take your time when removing the elements so as not to damage the spa enclosure.

To install, start by laying the mat on the floor and then lay the spa enclosure on the mat.

Then position the motor close to the spa.

Before inflating the spa, check that you can connect it to a power outlet. The power required to power the motor must be available. You can then inflate the spa with the engine block inflator. Follow the instructions in the user manual carefully.

Once the spa is inflated, connect it to the motor and install the filter. Then check that all the drain plugs are closed then proceed to the filling. Then regularly check the water level until it reaches the inside mark of the spa.

Finally, activate the water temperature setting using the service panel. Later, your spa will be ready to use.

Starting up and maintaining an INTEX PureSpa inflatable hot tub

The use and maintenance of a spa is easy if you follow the instructions for use. To power up the motor unit, simply plug it into a power outlet. It is strongly recommended to have an earth connection. INTEX spas have a circuit breaker to prevent cuts. Avoid extension cords or unsuitable power strips to avoid cuts.

To heat the water, follow the instructions in the user manual and use the controls on the control panel. INTEX spa control panels are very easy to use. They have separate control buttons to manage filtration, regulate water temperature. The activation of the bubble generators or the massage system are easy to start.

As regards the maintenance of the spa, it is advisable to use bromine or active oxygen. Chlorine is not recommended. In fact, hot water thwarts and neutralizes the disinfectant effect of chlorine. Bromine remains an effective disinfectant even when the water temperature exceeds 30 degrees. Active oxygen remains the least aggressive product but its cost remains the highest.

Some spas offer a salt electrolysis system which simplifies the maintenance phases.

INTEX accessories for spas

The comfort of the spa can be improved with certain accessories. INTEX inflatable hot tubs offer several options, such as headrests, LED lights and drink holders. Headrests provide head and neck support for a more comfortable experience. LED lights create a pleasant ambience for late evenings and late-night swims. Finally, the glass holders keep drinks close at hand. In addition, the INTEX seats offer height adjustment for even more comfort.

Spa Matters

Seen on many articles on the net. This does not make it an absolute truth but it is always good to inquire.

What is the best Spa brand?


INTEX thanks to its PureSpa models proves once again that it is the best. In the spa sector, inflatable products are very special. With their round, square or octagonal shapes, INTEX spas are out of the ordinary. These spas, which can accommodate 4, 6 or 8 people, are recognized as world references.

How long does an inflatable hot tub last?

On average the life expectancy of an inflatable spa is 5 years.

First of all, it is difficult to give a really precise figure regarding the longevity of an inflatable hot tub. You will understand that this depends on many factors. A well-maintained spa will have a longer life expectancy than a spa whose maintenance has been neglected. However, the manufacturers certify that an inflatable spa can last up to a maximum of 5 years.

A spa has a lifespan of between 2 and 3 years. Sun exposure and water treatment products degrade the structure of the spa over time.

The longevity of the spa also depends on where your inflatable spa is positioned. An inflatable spa installed outdoors will be more exposed. It will have to withstand bad weather and organic residues from its environment (leaves, branches, insects). On the other hand, an inflatable spa placed indoors will be protected from the weather. His condition is therefore less likely to deteriorate prematurely.

What is the difference between a hot tub and a spa?

Jacuzzi is a spa brand. By abuse of language the term Jacuzzi has gradually become a word and a name of use to designate a spa. It is a bubbling bath that offers a unique massage.

Does an inflatable spa consume a lot of electricity?

Many tests were carried out using a power meter in June 2016. The power consumption of a 4-seater inflatable spa with jets reached 112 kW. This is approximately an expense of about 1 euro per day at the French electricity rate 2016. This expense varies of course depending on the frequency of use of the spa and the cost of kW.

Other sources state that consumption will vary depending on the size of the spa. On average, consumption of 2,500 to 7,500 kWh per year is therefore announced.

Can an inflatable spa be left outside during the winter?

The answer to this question is yes

You can absolutely use a semi-inflatable spa during the winter. The inflatable spa is designed to be used all year round which includes the winter season. On the other hand, most users find that the inflatable spa is not suitable for this period. The harsh climatic conditions make its use difficult for swimmers. The desire is not necessarily there. Therefore, it is rather advisable to bring your inflatable spa inside the house.

Some spas have technology that automatically activates the heater when the outside temperature drops below 6°C. This intelligent system prevents the water in the pond from freezing in order to avoid damage. In these cases, you can use your spa without fear that the gel will damage it.

Does the spa always have to be plugged in?

After a bath the spa does not have to continue running immediately. An inflatable spa must filter the water regularly. It is not necessary to filter the water continuously throughout the day. It is best to let the system run for a few hours per sequence. If you have to be away for several days in a row, it is better to empty the spa.

Risk of leaving a hot tub in the sun?

The effects of the sun on your inflatable hot tub are diverse. Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause water disorders such as the appearance of moss or algae. You will need to ensure that the filtration time is sufficient.

However, beware of too much sun with an inflatable spa. Prolonged exposure could also affect the inflatable structure of your spa. Inflatable spas are designed with composites using PVC and polyester fibers. These materials offer good mechanical resistance but too much UV exposure degrades the structure. Sometimes excessive heat can also increase the inflation pressure of the spa. It is therefore important not to overinflate this one. This would risk causing one or more deformations which could then lead to the deterioration of the envelope. If the sun hits too hard, it is recommended to take the inflatable hot tub in. Put it indoors or protect it from the sun under a shelter.